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I’d like to introduce the #noordinarycrew we have employed to test the pieces and complete outfits we stock from a professional point of view. We gathered a bunch of confident women from a variety of industries and career levels, got their measurements, let them pick the items they really liked and give us their feed back on fabric, fit and suitability for where they work and what they do.

When you go into and click on any item description, you will find comments from relevant kick ass woman who has tried it on in the company of other kick ass women.

Now, we’d like to give you some insight to what the crew members are up to, work wise, and also, their sizes:

Laura is in her late 30’s and is currently working as an HR manager for a digital media and publishing company based in central London. They don’t have a dress code as such but in HR, you can’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed and into the first thing that happened to be on your floor. Laura is a small size S/8/36 across the board and is 5’4″/164cm.


Sara is also in her late 30’s. She works for a huge insurance company and they have a bit of a dress code. Nothing sleeveless or too short but other than that, they are quite relaxed. Sara is a size M/12/40 all over but as she is a DD cup, sometimes she has to wear a L/14/42 on top, depending on the fit. She’s 5’5,7″/170cm.


Rosie is one of our younger models in her mid 20’s and has just stared working as a receptionist at Headmasters in South London. Even though it’s a hair dresser’s and quite trendy, she has a dress code and needs to look smart. Rosie usually takes a size S/8/36 but sometimes needs a M/10/38 depending on material. She is about 5’5,5″/168cm.


Kelly is in her mid 30’s and works as an Account Director for a huge PR company in central London. It’s PR but still quite corporate so if you wear jeans, you’d have to dress them up and you couldn’t wear anything casual for client interaction and pitches. Kelly is a size S/8/36 on top and tends to wear M/10/38 bottoms. She is 5’5,7″/170cm.



IMG_1509Teshay is in her mid 20’s and is currently going for interviews for junior roles such as receptionist, junior PA etc and of course, needs to dress to impress. She takes a size M/10/38 all over but is quite tall at 5’7,5″/174cm so sometimes, she feels trouser lengths can be tricky.




Helena, (that’s me) is heading towards her late 30’s. I have been working in Account Management in my previous life, both corporate and creative and lastly, I worked as Head of Clients for a Social Media company in London’s Shoreditch. I have always found the balance between the relaxed office (I could pretty much wear pyjamas if I wanted to in most of my previous roles) and client meetings quite challenging so I’ve been constantly looking for exciting pieces to wear that don’t feel like a uniform. I wear a size S/8/36 and I’m 5’6,7″/173cm tall.

We all hope that you will find our insights useful, but for any questions, please get in touch on

Much love from the NoOrdinarySuit Crew! x


No Ordinary Suit was inspired by me (Helena), who as a full-time employee found it challenging and time-consuming to trawl the internet to find pieces to wear that wasn’t too far away from my personal style. I was looking for items that made me feel confident and well dressed for meetings, pitches and presentations without having to wear a "uniform" and at the same time, feel comfortable enough to wear in a fairly relaxed office environment or going out in after work. The internet is full of "super stores" with tons of stock where you can find anything under the sun, and as quite a particular shopper, I feel that it gets very confusing. More often than not, even though I really need something, I end up not buying anything at all which ultimately means - I have nothing ton wear! I decided to go on a hunt and find items that would be great for the office but with an attitude, be that edgy, sassy, romantic or cheeky. I'd put the relevant pieces in an online retail store, where professional women, corporate or creative, can find apparel that is as stylish and interesting as it is professional. It should be fun and easy to find suitable clothes for the office that make women feel confident and individual. We have chosen a handful of brands and designers to feature on NoOrdinarySuit based on the novelties that they have brought to fashion and their uniqueness. The garments we present are special in themselves and will perform even better for you when paired with other pieces in this website chosen according to your own taste. NoOrdinarySuit is owned and ran by Scandis and as natural born tree huggers, it is essential that our partners comply with our high standards when it comes to ethical trading and sustainability. So far they have exceeded our expectations and as a customer, you can rest assured that the selection of brands very much supports us in our causes. We also wish to make a tangible and direct difference to women less fortunate than us and as such, we have decided to share part of our earnings and efforts with WOMANKIND. This is an international organisation for women’s rights working to support women and girls to improve their lives and communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They work to tackle issues that affect women’s lives and strive to empower women, providing a fair world where being a woman does not limit choices, opportunities or rights. Furthermore, NoOrdinarySuit is a small, family ran, independent retailer supporting young designers and up and coming brands, mainly from Scandinavia. We are not part of any mega system and the experience with us should be personal and friendly as well as effective and honest.