We styled Colby, here’s her take on it

A styling session is so much more than just Gok Wan cutting up your clothes and stripping you naked. When our stylist sees her clients, she helps them get organised and proper organised. She does an assessment of what’s already in your closet to see how to best utilise it. It’s not about shopping (unless you’ve booked a shopping session) and getting a bunch of new things, it’s making the most of what you’ve got already. Then, if stuff is missing, the client is given a list of suggestions to look at in her own time.
For those of you who read this blog, you already know that we held a competition where we gave away a free styling session to one lucky winner (read the full story here). That winner, happened to be Colby from Reading. Colby is 43 years young and she’s a Senior Underwriter at a financial insurance company. We’ve caught up with her to find out how she felt the styling went.

What did you like about the styling session?

I found it really great and it has given me confidence in what suits me and what I should and should not buy. It was carried out in my own home which I was also a fan of. Also, the fact that we went through my own clothes rather than having a hard sell of clothes to buy. I also liked that I was given advice on how to mix and match successfully and also how to buy an item of clothing that can be used for both smart and casual thereby getting more value for money.

How did you feel it was useful?

Some simple alteration are done to a dress

I now know why certain items of clothing don’t suit me and how to make them fit me better. The dress that you altered for me would have been something that I would have thrown away and instead I now have a dress that has a new lease of life. (Author’s note: we found a dress in Colby’s wardrobe that had some shoulder details she wasn’t so keen on. As such, we decided to get rid of them for her so she can use the dress again)

What were your top 3 take aways?

Actually, there are 4 key take aways. First of all, I learned to mix and match the stuff I already have. Secondly, I realised that I don’t need to buy anymore work dresses. I also found out that pale pink doesn’t suit me all that well and that I need to make more of my waist and not buy low waist items. Just trying out wearing something with a higher waist gave me an instant lift.

How do you think it might change the way you shop?

Silky bloses look amazing on Colby

I’m going to look for more items that can be matched with others. I’ll also be more confident in looking to tapered trousers and finding the cut that suits me. I will think about what is in my wardrobe and try and be less impulsive, I’ve learned that I’m much better off planning my purchases instead. Counting the number of garments that I had for certain categories really helped.

What’s now next on your list of pieces to add to your wardrobe?

Blouses is the number one, that I can wear with shirts but also jeans. smart flat shoes that will finish the look along with some drop earrings. I also want to get my hands on some high waisted trouser or skirts.
Big thank you to Colby for being such a good client and being so open to our ideas and advice. We had a fab time and look forward to updates on Colby’s shopping habits and items bought! You can book your very own session with Gabriella here.