About Me

Helena Balls, Fashion at Work expert

Through my career, I have had quite a few jobs, all in various industries and office environments.

From working in recruitment and pharmaceuticals to social media and advertising, I settled for fashion trends and spent a good few years doing sales within the world’s leading trend’s forecaster, WGSN.

My experience comes both from corporate, strictly smart employers and very trendy and casual boutique companies and my struggle was always to find appropriate clothing and not compromise my personal style and preferences.

There’s no doubt a code for dressing for work whether we like it or not.  What’s appropriate in some work environments may not be suitable for another.

But also, what you wear can affect not only your mood and how you feel, it can actually affect your performance, your ability to concentrate and your negotiating skills.

This blog is dedicated to business fashion. Whatever your industry or role, chances are that you sometimes struggle with dress code.

I work closely with my stylist, Gabriella Lundgren, who specialises in workwear. We want to make sure that together, we give the best advise to anyone struggling with what to wear in the office, as well as how to style the pieces you already have.

Not sure what to wear for an interview? No problems, I do. What should you think about when starting a new job? Don’t worry, I can give you some pointers.

I love fashion and I don’t believe that workwear needs to be boring. There are certain rules for business attire but at we all know that rules are there to be broken and when it comes down to it, it’s all about how your clothes make you feel.

Have you ever walked in to a meeting in your new power suit feeling like a million dollars and aced it? It’s a feeling everyone loves and who’s to say we can’t feel like that every day?


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