A conference outfit dilemma

Here’s something ironic for you. I was attending a conference last week in London and I couldn’t for my life figure out what to wear. The topic was retail during peak season (fun times) and it was a full day in a basement in Marylebone organised by IMRG. I had been invited to be on the panel with a bunch of awesome people to talk about the changing consumer. It so just happened that his conference contained all my work wear problems in one.

List of problems

  • Bloody scorchio outside and air condition hell inside
  • Senior people in the room, yet it was retail so not hugely corporate
  • I’m running a fancy fashion business so I wanted to look on the money, not like some out of place moron
  • I looked at photos from last year’s event and people seemed to dress in business attire which surprised me. And no, I’m not wearing a suit like some corporate slave because I’m not. What would be the point?
  • Also, whenever I’m either nervous or excited, I blush. My chest goes red which I wanted to hide as it makes me self conscious
I think I must have tried on everything I own from long skirts and dresses to suits and shirts when I remembered Gabriella’s wise styling words in one of my previous blog posts about the Temperature Paradox:
“go for an open toe shoe with a pair of lightweight trousers on a hot day.”
So basically, loose trousers in a summery colour and something sleeveless. But bring a jacket or something for when people go mental with the air con. So I did and here’s the result.

 The choice

I am wearing a pair of orange trousers from Danish brand Minimum and a tank top from Swedish Altewaisaome. I also brought the Bishop blazer from Altewaisaome which unfortunately isn’t in the picture. The shoes were an impulse buy from Office last year and I love them Block heels are the best! (They do a similar version of my shoes here)

I was very happy with the choice of outfit and I can tell you that I felt like a million dollars and a lot less nervous than I had even dared to hope 🙂